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Chocolate Bars

The chocolate bars appeared shortly after Casparus van Houten invented a way to produce chocolate in solid form in 1828. The method of making chocolate bars was improved after Rodolphe Lindt invented a cocoa mass homogenizer in 1879. Nowadays, chocolate bars are the best-selling chocolate products.

Luado Chocolate® offers you simple dark, milk or white chocolate bars and also a specialty of chocolate with spicy ingredients such as chili, cayenne pepper and cranberries. Cocoa lovers can opt for 70% extra-dark chocolate bars.

Tabletă ciocolată cu lapte 34% , sare si alune intregi

125g ciocolată cu lapte, sare si alune
28,00 lei

Tabletă ciocolată neagră picantă

125g ciocolată neagră picantă
28,00 lei
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