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Discover here the chocolate collections offered by Luado Chocolate®.

Each box contains an assortment of pralines created with skill and passion from the finest Belgian chocolate to delight the senses.

Pure Belgian chocolate bars sum up all the beneficial effects of cocoa fruit. The chocolate figurines will bring great joy to the hearts of the little ones.

And hot chocolate can be enjoyed naturally, as when the precious porcelain dishes used to serve it were hand-decorated by artists in the field.

Pungă Chocolate

26x26cm, h.27cm, din pânză, cu mânere lungi
15,00 lei

Pungă Japan

26x26cm, h.26cm, din caron, model japonez
12,00 lei

Pungă Wamba

30x18cm, h.18cm, din carton, model african
10,00 lei

Pralină Amadeo

Cremă de alune de pădure aromată cu miere și atinsă de delicatețea unui strop de frișcă. Detalii

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